Dr Philippa Buckley

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

Consultant Psychiatrist of Adolescents and Children department - Eating Disorders (Children 11-17 years)


Dr Philippa Buckley is a top private Consultant Psychiatrist in London specialising in treating eating disorders in 11-17 year olds. She offers fast private appointments at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.

    Dr Philippa Buckley is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with experience working both in outpatient and inpatient eating disorders services. She has extensive NHS experience in generic child and adolescent psychiatry and eating disorders, having developed and leading a community eating disorders service for children and young people (CEDS-CYP).

    As a parent herself, Dr Buckley has a passion for helping solve the root cause of problems in adolescents and children so that patients are better equipped to lead healthy adult lives.

    From early in her career, Dr Buckley developed an interest in child and adolescent care and she passionately believes that providing treatment early on, helps prepare our youth to lead more fulfilled lives and has committed her career to this.

    Dr Buckley welcomes self-funding and insured patients to her Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice. Book an appointment today by calling +44 20 4571 6312 or complete our pre-screening questionnaire online anytime to suit you.


    Areas of expertise

    • Eating disorder treatment for young people
    • Eating disorders in children and adolescents including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, OSFED, ARFID
    • ASD
    • Child and adolescent mental health
    • Evidence-based treatments for eating disorders and their common co-occurring conditions