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Schoen Clinic media coverage

Runner's World: How to get rid of blisters


When it comes to blisters, prevention is preferable to cure. There's no getting back to the smooth, pain-free skin you had before the blister formed until weeks later. So, to prevent blisters from forming in the first place, Runner's World got in touch with Mr Kumar Kunasingam for some tried-and-true methods for avoiding blisters while running.

Women's Running magazine feature: Protect my knees from being damaged by running?


Research shows that distance running does not wear down the knee joint surfaces and some evidence even shows that running can help restore knee cartilage. “I have treated many knee problems in runners, especially women, who are slightly more susceptible than men due to having wider hips,” says Annette Chase, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist at Schoen Clinic London.

"Going to hospital can be scary, this was more like a vacation" Schoen Clinic London patient shares his story


Andy Walker told ISG that his rapid recovery from a back procedure was due to the excellent standard of care and service he received at Schoen Clinic London.

University of Miami puts Christopher Schoen, COO of Schoen Clinic Germany in the Spotlight


Christopher Schoen, a former University student and the founder and COO of the Schoen Clinic in Germany, spoke to the University of Miami about the new MindDoc app, which offers patients mental health care every day.

Daily Express features Rachel Matthews, our Director of Mental Health


Daily Express talked to Rachel Matthews, Director of Mental Health for Schoen Clinic UK and an expert on eating disorders, about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on young people with eating disorders.

Grazia magazine talks to Rachel Matthews, our Director of Mental Health 


Rachel Matthews, Director of Mental Health for Schoen Clinic UK was featured in the Mental Health section of Grazia magazine discussing body dysmorphia.

The Mail Online talks to Mr Kumar Kunasingam, Foot & Ankle Surgeon at Schoen Clinic London


The Mail Online talks to Mr Kumar Kunasingam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Schoen Clinic London about the four-fold rise in broken bones and stress fractures during the first Covid-19 lockdowns.

Total Health asks Mr Sam Rajaratnam to reveal the secrets of his success


Schoen Clinic London knee expert Mr Sam Rajaratnam is frequently ranked among the top performing knee surgeons in the UK. In an article for Total Health, he provides the top twelve secrets for providing excellence in knee replacement surgery.