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“6 months after undergoing a total hip replacement, I paddleboarded 66 miles for charity”

After years of pain and stiffness in her hip, Lorna came to see Mr Rishi Chana at Schoen Clinic London to undergo a total hip replacement. After only 9 weeks, she was already able to get back to one of her favourite hobbies...paddleboarding.

(Lorna is pictured, second on the right)

Mum-of-two Lorna Dixon had been plagued by arthritis in her right hip since 2014, a condition she found extremely frustrating and restrictive due to her love for an active lifestyle.

Due to the continuous pain her arthritic hip caused, Lorna could not fully enjoy her much-loved hobbies of skiing and paddleboarding.

She said: "My hip pain began in 2014, and after two years of intermittent pain, I underwent an arthroscopy for a torn hip cartilage and a bony growth removed. Unfortunately, I was told that I was suffering from moderate arthritis in the hip. Initially, the operation did resolve pain, but I was informed in no uncertain terms, I'd require a total hip replacement within the next five years, which I accepted." 

In 2020, Lorna, 63, began to feel an increased stiffness, pain and loss of movement in the affected right hip. The pain started to cause her problems, and she was unable to perform lateral actions and rotations, which hindered her sporting activities. And, as the pain grew to the groin and the buttocks and sitting became uncomfortable, Lorna knew she had to seek medical help but, at first, was reluctant.

"To be honest, despite being in pain, I'd put off seeking medical help due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and I'd had to take an enforced break from paddle boarding and skiing due to the lockdown anyway, so I thought I was coping with it. Eventually, in February 2021, my daughter encouraged me to see one of Schoen Clinic's Hip Surgeons, Mr Rishi Chana," admitted Lorna.

After she consulted with Mr Chana and underwent an x-ray, Lorna was told she would need the total hip replacement - a diagnosis she was fully expecting.

Lorna was told her hip had degenerated to the point that it needed replacing immediately to ensure no further damage. And just a couple of weeks later on 13th March, she underwent a total hip replacement at Schoen Clinic in London. 

She said: " I spent 3 days at Schoen Clinic London recovering after the operation and I was extremely well looked after, especially with all the Covid restrictions in place. The staff were very professional and attentive. 

"Mr Chana was very professional too and wasted no time in diagnosing the condition and offering the solution. He asked about my recovery goals and I think he realised that I was keen to get the problem sorted to get back to an active lifestyle. My immediate goal was to paddle board 66 miles 6 months after the operation and ski in 2022 (Covid restrictions permitting)."

Lorna was told she would have to undergo a 3 month recovery period to begin walking and paddle boarding again. But as a tenacious individual, she was very focused on achieving the goals she had set for her recovery. She undertook hydrotherapy (weekly) for 3 weeks and physiotherapy every 2-3 weeks.

Lorna made such good progress that after just 9 weeks and following the physios' instructions, she was signed off early by Mr Chana and given the go-ahead to start paddle boarding again. 

She has also started to ski again and has enjoyed a few visits to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and has 2 ski trips booked for next year. 

Within just six months of her surgery, Lorna achieved her paddleboarding goal. 

"I completed the 66 miles paddle board team challenge, paddling from Oxford to Maidenhead over 4 days and camping on route. We managed to raise over £2000 for Sobel House Hospice, Oxford. I was so proud of being able to achieve my goal."

"I am so grateful to Mr Chana and Schoen Clinic London and delighted with the outcome of my treatment. I am 99% pain-free and can go about my daily life and participate in my sports activities. The hip replacement should now outlive me!" says Lorna.  Lorna’s fundraising link can be found here.

Mr Rishi Chana is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in hip problems at Schoen Clinic London. If you wish to see Mr Chana, you can use your health insurance or simply pay-as-you-go for treatment. Just call 0203 929 1086 or email