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20.11.2023 09:51
Schoen Clinic Newbridge wins prestigious 'Best in Healthcare Outcomes' award at 2023 LaingBuisson Awards

Schoen Clinic Newbridge named 'Best in Healthcare Outcomes' at the 2023 LaingBuisson Awards for 'excellence in the delivery of better healthcare outcomes with a focus on ability to demonstrate those outcomes'.

10.07.2023 14:47
Leading Psychiatrist Shares Concerns About The Effectiveness of New YouTube Eating Disorder Regulations

Press Release | Date: 10.07.23 | YouTube's recent announcement regarding its new regulations to crack down on content related to eating disorders has raised concerns from a leading eating disorder specialist.

19.05.2023 15:19
Meet Schoen Clinic UK Group's new Private Enquiries Manager, Hannah Willcocks

We’re thrilled to welcome Hannah Willcocks to the team as Private Enquiries Manager for Schoen Clinic UK Group. 

Hannah is currently managing all private enquiries at Schoen Clinic Chelsea and will soon be visiting our other hospitals to see first-hand, the amazing work they do.

19.04.2023 12:44
Leading Psychiatrist Warns of Eating Disorder Risk To Young People Amidst Worrying Rise of Ozempic and Wegovy ‘Transformation’ videos on TikTok

A leading eating disorder Consultant Psychiatrist has warned of the dangers of diabetes drugs being repurposed as off-label weight loss aids hailed as ‘miracle drugs’ on TikTok, highlighting the worrying risk to young people vulnerable to eating disorders.


17.04.2023 14:16
Schoen Clinic are proud to be recognised by Healix

Leading private mental healthcare provider, Schoen Clinic UK Group, is pleased to announce they are now recognised by Healix.

18.01.2023 11:44
Expert highlights the link between serotonin, SSRIs and depression

According to some reports, there has been increasing concern about the role of serotonin in moods and whether SSRI’s work as a treatment. The research which featured in Molecular Psychiatry reviewed 17 studies and found people with depression didn’t appear to have different levels of serotonin in their brains to those without.

16.01.2023 10:18
Top 10 tips to beat the January blues

If you're feeling low at this time of year, you’re not alone. As people talk of ‘blue Monday’, which was actually a PR campaign invented by a holiday company several years ago to sell holidays, you may be wondering what can be done to turn your blues away. The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to help alleviate some of the stressors which can trigger feelings of low mood.

16.12.2022 11:19
New staffing solutions partnership formed to support group growth and the prioritisation of our patients

Schoen Clinic UK are pleased to announce our new forward thinking partnership with The Placement Group, a leading healthcare recruitment and staffing solutions partner.

14.12.2022 10:10
Schoen Clinic York receives ‘Good in all areas’ CQC rating following latest inspection

The York hospital, part of the Schoen Clinic UK Group, specialises in treating adults with eating disorders and is delighted with the rating documenting dramatic improvement in all areas.

17.11.2022 10:32
Schoen Clinic Newbridge Featured in New BBC Documentary – Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating

Schoen Clinic Newbridge featured in a new BBC3 documentary - Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating. Schoen Clinic Newbridge granted exclusive access to their hospital, to speak to patients during the making of the documentary, to give valuable and rare insight to a social media influencer from the perspective of a young person with an eating disorder. 

01.11.2022 13:32
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); what it is, symptoms, treatment and help

As the clocks go back and the days get shorter, Dr Sarah Perkins, a Clinical Psychologist specialising in anxiety and mood disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, dicusses Seasonal Affective Disorder; what it is, symptoms, treatment and help.

10.10.2022 14:10
3 tips for maintaining positive mental health

Consultant Psychiatrist at Schoen Clinic Chelsea Dr Tara Tofiq discusses some simple strategies to improve your mental health and wellbeing for World Mental Health Day.

21.09.2022 08:00
Jo Morse - Schoen Clinic UK Partnerships Director

We are delighted to have Jo Morse as Partnerships Director.

15.09.2022 09:16
Schoen Clinic announced as finalists for 4 LaingBuisson awards

We are incredibly honoured to be announced as finalists for 4 2022 LaingBuisson awards across our UK group this year.

23.08.2022 14:52
Schoen Clinic UK addresses the gap in workplace mental health as businesses face increasing pressure to manage productivity

Recent research by PWC has revealed mental health is a growing issue for employees in the UK with statistics revealing that a third of the UK’s workforce are compromised by issues like depression, anxiety or stress.

16.08.2022 10:53
Mounting Pressure Following the Pandemic Leading to Increased Rates of Depression in Men

“The aftermath of the pandemic, cost of living crisis and longest NHS waiting lists in years, have all collided to create societal issues that are seriously impacting on male mental health.” says Dr Sarah Perkins, Clinical Psychologist at Schoen Clinic UK.

07.06.2022 14:09
Schoen Clinic sponsored world ranking golfer with Cerebral Palsy wins 2022 G4D British Masters Tour

Talented 23-year-old Kipp Popert from Sevenoaks, Kent who last year soared to the top of world rankings for golfers with a disability, became the first winner of the G4D British Masters Tour, in May 2022.

10.05.2022 10:56
Schoen Clinic UK’s leading London outpatient mental health clinic receives high praise and rating in CQC inspection

Schoen Clinic’s Chelsea outpatient clinic specialising in mental health treatments has been awarded a prestigious 'Good' rating in all areas in its latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection report.

28.02.2022 10:00
Schoen Clinic UK Announce Partnership with UK Eating Disorder Charity Beat

Schoen Clinic UK is proud to announce it has partnered with Beat, the UK’s Eating Disorder Charity, to help raise awareness of eating disorders and address the challenges patients face on the road to recovery.

08.12.2021 09:58
Top Tips on Coping With Eating Disorders This Christmas. Advice from an expert at Schoen Clinic Newbridge

Christmas can be stressful at the best of times – but Christmas dinner can be one of the biggest obstacles families have to navigate, especially if a young person has an eating disorder. The Christmas season focuses on food and family get-togethers, so supporting a family member with an eating disorder presents multiple challenges.

19.11.2021 09:54
Schoen Clinic Newbridge named LaingBuisson Hospital of the Year 2021

Schoen Clinic Newbridge has proudly picked up the award for the 2021 Hospital of the Year at the annual LaingBuisson Awards.

09.11.2021 09:53
Schoen Clinic UK leads at the London International Eating Disorders Conference in a bid to improve access to care and treatment post Covid-19

Schoen Clinic UK teams have had ten pieces of novel research and practice leadership accepted at the London International Eating Disorders Conference for industry peers in December 2021.

07.10.2021 09:11
“Normalisation is Key”: How to Spot Post-Pandemic Poor Mental Health in Young People 

World Mental Health Day on 10th October, shows how 2021 mental health struggles have increased in young people following the pandemic. One of Schoen Clinic UK’s leading Consultant Psychiatrists Dr James Woolley, highlights the signs to look out for, as well as how to address the problem without alienating sufferers further.

05.10.2021 09:00
Schoen Clinic UK Announced as a Partner of the Humber, Coast and Vale Specialised Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Provider Collaborative

The Humber, Coast and Vale (HCV) Specialised Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Provider Collaborative officially launched on 1st October 2021 and Schoen Clinic UK are announced as a partner.

28.09.2021 13:33
Schoen Clinic UK Leads the Way in Healthcare Practice with 3 Prestigious LaingBuisson Award Nominations

Schoen Clinic London and Schoen Clinic Newbridge have both been announced as Finalists at this year’s Laing Buisson Awards.

15.09.2021 09:05
A parent's perspective: "The key to our daughter’s recovery was trusting Schoen Clinic Newbridge with her care completely."

When their daughter began to rapidly lose weight, Lisa and John knew that something wasn't right. Jazz had developed an eating disorder and needed urgent treatment.

04.08.2021 08:56
Learn About Recent Developments in Mental Health

Over the past few years, there have been a number of developments in mental health and associated research and technology. Find out more.

09.07.2021 09:01
"20 years of depression left me desperate and pessimistic for a solution that worked for me."

Robin was in a very negative mindset when he first came to Schoen Clinic Chelsea. Now, 18 months after being discharged, he shares how his experience changed his outlook.

02.07.2021 09:03
Mental Health and Covid-19 – The Effects of a Pandemic

With physical, financial, and societal effects of the pandemic making headlines, it can be easy to forget about mental health and Covid-19. Find out more.

01.07.2021 09:06
"I believe Dr Woolley not only gave me my life back, but that he saved my life."

Will had struggled with anxiety and depression since his early teens, trying multiple different therapies to no avail. It wasn't until seeing Dr Woolley at Schoen Clinic Chelsea that he finally felt understood.

16.06.2021 13:27
"It really is worth it. Please make the decision to recover."

When Emily realised how much her eating disorder had been limiting her, she came to the Specialists at Schoen Clinic Chelsea to help her recover and look towards the future.

10.05.2021 13:15
"I've worked with extraordinary nurses my entire career but never have I seen such dedication to the job as I have during the pandemic."

The boss of UK healthcare group, Schoen Clinic, has paid tribute to their 'exceptional' team of nurses and healthcare assistants to mark International Nurses Day.

26.04.2021 09:16
Schoen Clinic UK named LaingBuisson Private Hospital Group of the Year

Schoen Clinic UK has proudly picked up the award for the 2020 Private Hospital Group of the Year at the annual LaingBuisson Awards.

31.03.2021 09:18
Vital eating disorder service to remain in York after upgrading to a new facility

Minster Grange Care Home and Schoen Clinic York have joined forces to provide a new 15-bed inpatient facility for adults with diagnosed eating disorders and associated problems.  

17.12.2020 10:11
5 Tips for Supporting Children Returning to School

For some children, the idea of returning to a full school week and the expectations for social eating may be overwhelming. At the same time, there may also be apprehension about how it will feel to be socialising in a large group again.